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Challenging Times

The rising demand for cutting-edge narratives adds pressure to the creative and production chain in terms of volume, speed, and results. This process creates a lot of noise in the connections between players, producers, and creators.


  • What constitutes winning stories?

  • Where can opportunities be found? 

  • How can we circumvent the "noise" that arises between supply and demand?

  • How to deliver the value of assertiveness?

Services • The Creators Bridge (1)-min.jpg

Content Consumer

We have a strong belief that content strategy revolves around consumer intelligence from beginning to end. This is why we are deeply committed to tracking the inevitable shifts brought about by changes in behavior, as they directly impact the demand for and engagement with content. Connecting trends, clusters, and narratives is an integral part of our mindset.

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Content Assets

We categorize creative assets as the fundamental and marketable elements that make up the production process of audiovisual content, spanning various formats and models, from inception to distribution. Our team consists of senior business and development executives who identify significant opportunities aligned with the ecosystem's requirements. We handle intellectual properties (IPs), source books for adaptation, screenplays, synopses, production projects, international co-production initiatives, and content licensing, offering comprehensive assistance at every stage. This strategic move keeps us in constant contact with the creative community, production companies, and industry players.

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Establish a strong connection between stories and the audience by providing supply chain projects and products with significant potential for both artistic and commercial outcome. By bridging content curation with a business-oriented vision, our mission fundamentally revolves around delivering impactful opportunities. We operate based on value proposition of efficiency.

We are forging connections, acting as intermediaries between the creative community and major production companies, channels, platforms, and studios in Brazil and globally. This enables the convergence of impactful stories with the audience.

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